Cash for Website

Sell Your Web Site For Fast $$$ Cash $$$ - We buy distressed Internet real estate allowing sellers to free up capital and liquidate web assets quickly and easily in times of need.

Do we buy any kind of site?

We buy almost all types of sites with few exceptions. (Must be in English)

What types of sites will we buy?

Almost any kind of site that does not contain illegal content.We buy social and news sites, forums, dating sites, and just about any other sites you can think of. If you are not sure if your site applies please submit a request anyway, chances are we'll have a use for it.

How much is your site worth?

This depends greatly on your site's content, target audience, traffic, maintenance cost, amount of time/expertise needed to maintain current revenue if any, and/or several other factors.

Please contact us if you meet any of the below criteria:

  • Your site has revenue.
  • Your site has traffic.
  • Your domain is generic.
  • Your ready to sell right now.
  • Your familiar with Paypal®.
  • Your willing to accept less than market to close a deal today.

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